Charts generator

On this page you can generate charts about animes (e.g. how much TV Series have been produced by Tatsunoko during the years?). First you have to choose what animes do you want to generate a chart on (e.g. Tatsunoko TV Series) using the main mask, and then the parameter than should change through these animes (e.g. the year) setting the variable parameter. Finally you can click on "Chart it!" and wait some seconds for the result.

Note: you can see only OAV number counting a series as a whole as one title.

Series' title ?
Original title (ideograms) ?
Original title (romaji) ?
English title ?
Italian title ?
Director ?
Original subject ?
Staff ?
Production ?
Type ?
Movie OAV
TV series TV special
Pilot Music clip
Year ?
First on air date ?
A year: month: day:
B year: month: day:
Last date ?
A year: month: day:
B year: month: day:
Length ? minutes
Number of episodes ?

Variable parameter: by Giuseppe Albanese webmaster: Ivano Talamo
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