The objective of Anime Check-list is to provide a list as much complete as possible of all existing anime (Japanese animated figures) produced in Japan since 1917. It's a huge database where every anime can be searched using several criterias: you'll be able to search by Japanese title (Japanese characters: Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana), romaji title, English title (literal and release title), release date, year, type (OAV, TV series, etc.), production studio, director, etc. You can use it as an English-Japanese dictionary of anime titles and also you'll be able to search all existing productions about the same character, for example all TV series, TV specials and movies about Lupin 3. For more details see Guide to Search.

It must be made clear from the outset that Anime Check-list isn't a list of titles taken indiscriminately from several sources. Every entry has been checked and compared with other available reference works before to insert it into check-list. This is the only way to avoid duplicates or invalid entries (animated figures not made in Japan). During this comparison work I have sometimes found differences between the data reported by several Japanese sources (release date, type, etc.): in these cases you'll find alternative data into the field "Notes". For more details see Guide to Search.

The initial stages of the project were begun in 1995, when I set out to put together a collection of all the major not Japanese language sources about anime. The circumstance that the most of these sources were published in Italy since 1983 (see Annotated Italian Bibliography)., as a consequence of massive proliferation of anime on Italian screens begun in 1978, made my task easier. All this information was catalogued, and since 1997, has been computerized in Access database format. The next steps involved searching in Japanese language sources of additional data (see Bibliography). The Idea to publish it on the web came to be concrete when my friend Ivano Talamo, expert of computer science, came to offer me his help becoming the webmaster of the this site.

Just before the publication on the web I have included in the Check-list about 4000 titles, 5500 with single OAV episodes. The first number is similar to that estimated by Clements & McCarthy in recent authoritative work Anime Encyclopedia (2001), so I hope not to be far the day when I'll be able to answer with more accuracy to this difficult question: how many anime have been produced in Japan? For more details see Anime numbers.

I publish this work for all who are interested in Japanese animation and, I hope, who will bring to my attention errors, missing data or new titles. I would be grateful to all who will help me at improving this project, also with constructive criticisms.


I would like to express my gratitude to Marco Pellitteri, Nobuo Mochizuki, Hiroshi Matsuzawa. Thanks to following people that have brought to my attention errors or missing data: John C. Watson (chief contributor), Renč Gilles Deberdt, Markus Klein, Andrea Materia, Roberto Bottazzi.

Giuseppe Albanese

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